What is a smart network set-top TV box?

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By EVPAD | 01 December 2020 | 0 Comments

What is a smart network set-top TV box?

Network Set-Top TV Box (Network Set-Top Box) referred to as STB technology is crucial technical equipment in information appliances. The function of the set-top box has risen from a multi-frequency tuner and decoder to a control terminal for a large number of online databases such as movies, multimedia events, and news. Therefore, how to expand the functions of set-top boxes, improve quality, reduce production costs, and optimize product structure is of great significance to the development of the upcoming interactive TV network.

What is a smart network set-top TV box?

Set-Top TV Box Basic skills

(1) It can indicate the status of the user's indoor equipment, CATV network and program resources; it can use the user's TV screen to display messages and menus issued by service companies and information providers.
(2) Transmit the user's selection information to the service center or information provider.
(3) It can provide users with basic terminal control functions, such as fast forward, fast rewind, pause and record when choosing to watch video on demand (VOD) programs.
(4) With two-way communication capability, it can realize TV shopping, distance education and VOD, etc.
(5) Can be connected to a home computer.
(6) Signal transmission, modulation and demodulation can be carried out, and ATM protocol can be processed.
(7) It can monitor public equipment and conduct remote measurement and feedback of signal transmission performance.

Turn screen function

    The screen transfer function is one of the important functions of the network set-top box. The screen transfer technology includes DLNA, AirPlay, Miracast and some private screen transfer protocols. The screen transfer function has a wide range of application prospects in home entertainment, business office and other fields. (For example, Lemin V3 screen-matching device is completed by using DLNA, AirPlay, Miracast protocol.)

    DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance, initiated by Sony, Intel, Google, etc., to solve the interconnection of smart devices, so that digital media files can be transferred and shared between different devices at will.

 AirPlay is a wireless sharing protocol developed by Apple. Through AirPlay technology, it is convenient to wirelessly transfer files between different iOS devices.

    Miracast is a wireless transmission protocol initiated by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Miracast users can browse photos taken by smartphones on large-screen TVs, share laptop screens in real-time through meeting room projectors, or watch home network TV set-top boxes on tablets. Live show. Network set-top boxes Many companies are conducting research and development on the screen switch function of network set-top boxes. A good switching experience requires not only hardware support, but also application software support from mobile phones, network set-top boxes and smart TV terminals. Shockey is the founder of the screen switch industry And the first brand. Shockey is like a magic key to turn on the smart TV function. It can be plugged into any large-screen terminal such as a TV or projector with an HDMI interface. The 3-step simple and direct connection can easily turn an ordinary high-definition TV at home into a high-definition smart TV; It is also like a master key to turn on the screen. It can transfer the video, photos, and music screens on the mobile phone to the TV screen through WIFI or AP mode. When the screen is turned, the mobile phone can answer the phone normally and send text messages and entertainment functions. Not affected. You can also use the remote control or MINI USB mouse remote control so that you can fully enjoy the "wireless control" when watching TV at home. Shockey also has a "rich connotation". The video content resource network is open to capture, rich in content, the fastest update, and it is basically synchronized with the current network or theater consultation.

Principle structure

 The ITV set-top box with an open structure is a device with a simple structure and low cost. It is controlled by a cheap microprocessor with a special VLSI chip that provides the above-mentioned functions and completes various tasks such as query, response routing, decoding, decompression, and processing and control. It is mainly composed of a microprocessor, digital modulator, ATM processing unit (ADSL interface), image decompressor, audio decompressor, NTSC/PAL/SECAM decoder, RGB encoder, remote control interface, read-only memory (ROM ), random access memory (RAM) and expansion interface.

 The set-top box is not only a tuner but also a remote control unit of a video server. Through the ATM network system, the set-top box is connected to the video server and performs two-way, full-duplex digital communication with the video server.

   (1) The control system or system microprocessor is the core of the set-top box. It reads the bootloader required for a startup from the read-only memory and stores the program and data in the random access memory. Through the transmission of the system bus, the microprocessor can organically combine related functional modules to complete the functions of the entire system.

  (2) The digital tuner receives instructions from the microprocessor to obtain the frequency, bandwidth, modulation method and digital information required for decoding. The resulting digital stream includes multiple programs or threads, which are sent to the ATM processing device after primary processing.

  (3) When the ATM processor receives multiple sets of data from the digital tuner, it can control this data information and select the corresponding data packet. For example, the microprocessor can instruct the ATM processor to select only one data packet with a certain virtual or real address, and discard all other data packets. A specific virtual or real address will be connected to a specific program.

   ATM processor divides the selected data into three types: video stream, audio stream, and data stream. The video stream is sent to the image decompressor for processing, the audio stream is sent to the audio decompressor for processing, and the data stream is sent to the control system. At the same time, the ATM processor also collects the relevant error status in the transmission, and when necessary, transmits this information to the control system so that it can communicate with the terminal to modify the items.

  (4) The open image decompressor is a specially designed programmable digital image processing chip. It loads some basic fixed algorithms for image processing and can receive special image decompression algorithms from the control system. When the digital information from the ATM processor enters the image decompressor, the firmware can be used to decompress the previously compressed video.

   Then, the decompressed video data is sent to the NTSC/PAL/SECAM decoder. In the same way, the audio decompressor can also receive the decompression algorithm from the control system. After being decompressed, the compressed sound data received from the ATM processor can be turned into a modulated or unmodulated stereo signal and then transmitted to the TV.

Features advantages

    1. Whether it supports the built-in hard disk, the capacity of high-definition movies is huge, and the use of hard disk has unparalleled advantages in terms of the convenience of dissemination, the size of the capacity and the smoothness of playback. The hard disk is best built-in, because the external hard disk can only be transmitted by USB, and the speed is affected by the USB rate. Generally, it can only transmit about 20M per second. When playing scenes with rich and fierce pictures, there will be stuttering. The hard disk uses a SATA interface, the speed is 5 times that of USB, in order to fully meet the needs of high-quality HD movie playback.

  2. It depends on its decoding chip. The latest professional high-definition players mainly use four brands of decoding chips, namely Signal designs, Realtek, MSTAR, and Amlogic.

    3. Network functions, whether you can surf the Internet or wirelessly connect to the Internet. It must not be a good feeling for cables to leap forward and backward in the home. It needs wireless, hehe, and high-speed wireless. Remember to pay attention to the speed parameters of wireless connections. At present, the highest wireless network card is 802.11ac, with a bandwidth of more than 1Gbps.

   4. The operation is simple. This should be mentioned. After all, it is intended to be used with the TV daily. If the operation is too complicated, the elderly at home will not use it. Isn't it boring? The operation is not complicated. Look at the remote control and you will know that the N buttons are densely packed. Don’t choose the English one, and don’t choose the English one. Simple is easy to use.

   5. Expansion functions, whether there is an expansion interface, whether you can share files, usually use the digital camera, DV to share things with family members on TV, use the mobile hard disk to exchange movies, etc., all rely on the expansion interface. There must be at least two extended USB ports, otherwise one will not be enough after connecting to the wireless network card.

  As long as you have mastered the knowledge of these five points to buy a network TV set-top box, you will not worry about not being able to buy a good product in the future purchase process!


 1. The video is not as clear as digital TV.

    2. Higher network requirements, if the network is not good, it will directly affect the buffer time of the set-top box.

Product Features

  Watching TV, webcast

   Internet TV watching live broadcast is a primary function. TV box manufacturers cooperate with authorized institutions to provide live TV programs on the Internet so that everyone can watch live TV on the Internet.

   cloud watching

   The concept of cloud is already very popular, how to watch videos ingeniously?? In fact, it is to use cloud video applications, in Baidu cloud disk or 360 cloud network disk, and install a Baidu cloud or 360 TV butler on the TV box. You can log in to your own network disk account on your computer to collect movies and watch them through cloud applications on TV.

  Portal Video

   Download the video website application, and then save it through the account. You can watch the videos and movies saved in your account on your computer and watch them on TV.


   Since the TV box is an Android system, you can definitely install Android games. But after all, it’s playing on TV, so it’s no better in operation than tablets and mobile phones. Some modified versions need to be installed. But the gaming experience is still inferior to tablets and mobile phones.

   Various applications

   You can install various application software on your mobile phone, watch videos, play Weibo, WeChat, etc. It can of course be used as a TV box with an operating system and can be directly used as an enlarged mobile phone.

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